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On the Lower Ground (LG) floor of the city centre’s Central Embassy exists a kingdom of Thai cuisine called Eathai. Among the overwhelming mouth-watering goodies, Eathai’s latest expansion appeals to diners with the newly opened Eathai Cafe. The vibe of Thai’s old school cafe where everyone knows each other and forms a casual community bound with coffee is brought here with a variety of dishes.


Eathai provides an all-day dining experience so you won’t miss any of them. Begin at morning time with dishes of eggs and bread or rice soup, cooked in a typical Asian style. A wide range of flavourful dishes are listed for lunch and dinner.


‘Prawn Stuffed Chicken Wings’ looks so simple at first but don’t let its appearance deceive you. The crispy wings become extraordinary when stuffed with mellow seasoned minced prawns. ‘Pencil Spring Roll’ tweaks the regular spring roll by slimming its shape – like a pencil – and stuffing it with vegetables. Despite the veggie claim, it tastes quite flavourful and goes along well with plum sauce.


Regarding Thai traditional food culture, shared dishes are catered to eat with rice, a staple food. Therefore, at Eathai, you can select multiple choices to go with steamed Rice Berry or white Jasmine rice. ‘Egg Dredge Fried Fish’ here boasts its speciality with crispy cuts of fresh water fish fillet and unique sauce with steamed shredded eringi mushroom.


Eathai makes diners comfy in dealing with vegetables with its ‘Stir-Fried Crunchy Morning Glory’. Thai fresh and crunchy morning glory gets transformed into green appetising spaghetti cooked with chilli and garlic. A particular thing is that green spaghetti remains crunchy throughout the meal.


One of Eathai’s highlights is ‘Rib Finger Red Curry’ and you would agree after trying it. Special cuts of meat between ribs simmered in a red curry base with fresh chilli, kaffir lime leaves and sweet basils perfectly match with steamed rice.


Of course, some drinks enhance the dining moment and Thai cocktails look like a good idea. Thai liqueurs mixed with herbs and juices introduce varied amazing tastes, named after Thai-related things: China Town Rum, Summer Samui or Pong Lang Fizz. Non-alcoholic Thai Soda drinks become wonderful alternatives for a lunch break: vanilla lemongrass, chilli cinnamon, or utaitip orange, namely.


Finishing the delightful meal, you could probably extend your gastronomic journey a little longer by visiting Eathai’s latest-launched zones. ‘Talad Eathai’ brings fresh daily products as well as familiar local items, entirely of top quality, while the shelves of ‘Grocery 4 Pak’ are full of so many Thai ingredients from all around the country. Besides, up to 23 local kinds of rice are gathered in ‘Eat Thai Rice’ and after you get all your ingredients, the ‘Thai Cookbook & Souvenir Store’ gives you several recipes to add more flavours to your kitchen.


Central Embassy, LG 1031 Ploenchit road,
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
T: +66(0) 2119 7777

Text by Thanisara Ruangdej / Photos by Pimlada Thanachoknitiwat
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