Durian Sulbing

Sulbing: Korean Dessert Cafe original from Korea will be serving the new menu suitable for Durian lovers! You can indulge in the ‘Durian Sulbing’ from 19 May 2018 onwards (nationwide). And guess what? It’s a special menu and available only in Thailand!

Durian Sulbing – THB 420
Fresh durian on bingsu snowflake! Add a little durian sauce and try durian with some condensed milk, and trust us, it’s the best! Original durian paste toppings are used in producing the most mouthwatering Sulbing Bingsu ever.

Durian Toast – THB 260
Satisfy yourselves with durian at Sulbing newest concept. Here’s the Durian Toast – fresh durian on crispy buttery and tasty toast. It is perfect for the hardcore durian lovers.

Store Locator: www.sulbinginternational.com/location