Drinkable History with Q&A

Q&A Bar is designed to be a nostalgic train journey of an elevated drinking experience. Throughout the jaunt, guests are invited to explore their own preferred tastes for different occasions and emotions, as drinks here could be specially personalised. Dim lighting, snug sound of jazz and neo-soul and classy interior design makes this nocturnal recreation extraordinary, in addition to their internationally celebrated cocktails delicately made by award-winning mixologists.

“The Cocktail Journey” has now begun, as Q&A Bar has recently exposed its new campaign of an elaborately curated 52 classic cocktails. The expedition was inspired by sacred principles, human preferences, technical masteries, cultural impressions, creative curiosities, and collective creations throughout history of drinks defining the core identity of Q&A Bar.

The main concept of the expedition is based on 13 figurative patterns created by diverse formation of symmetrically intersected and interconnected circles.  The formation resembles the principles of how lives are originated, myths of creation, and fundamental evolution of all living elements, and the 52 glasses reveal the story of the quest. Each glass of cocktails is grouped according to their flavour profile, ingredients, and origins resonating with particular figurative patterns.

In order to make “The Cocktail Journey”, guests have to make a purchase of 2,000 baht prior to receiving a passport book and a deck of collectible playing cards, which are exceptionally crafted for this campaign. Aiming to encourage the splendour of Bangkok’s nightlife, the passport book and the cards are detailed with brief stories behind each famous commixture. Once purchased, customers will initially get 4 drinks of their choice from the collection of 52 classic cocktails with genuine tastes. After all cocktails listed are explored (of course, it doesn’t have to be completed in only one night), a lifetime membership of the Q&A Bar will be rewarded with very exclusive privileges.

Join the journey and your experience of drinking will never be the same. Advance reservation is recommended. For more information, visit www.qnabar.com or contact +66 2 664 1445

Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke) Bangkok
T: +66 2 664 1445
E: contact@qnabar.com
W: www.qnabar.com

Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit
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