While Thailand celebrates their Mother’s Day national holiday this 12th August, Prince William and Prince Harry will be reminiscing about their late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, who sadly died 20 years ago on 30th August. The princes have chosen to talk about their last phone call with their mother in a BBC interview that is part of an upcoming documentary simply titled Diana. Its release date hasn’t yet been confirmed and so, before we hear any new clues about the series of events leading up to her death, L+T would like to wrap-up the rumours about the life of the world’s Princess of Hearts.


After her marriage to Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir-apparent to Queen Elizabeth II, Diana chose to use her life as a royal to help people at large and especially children. She founded charities and visited their activities regularly, and those who saw and met her in the flesh always said she was charismatic, yet down-to-earth. She was the first celebrity in the world to hold a child afflicted with HIV closely in her arms, instantly raising worldwide acceptance of people with the disease. The reception she received during Prince Charles’ world tour proved how much the world loved her.


It was reported that on Saturday 30th August 1997, at around 12.23 a.m., the hired Mercedes-Benz into which Princess Diana and her new lover Dodi Fayed had climbed from the Hôtel Ritz Paris crashed into a supporting pillar of the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel. The tragic accident killed three people, including the Princess. The paparazzi that were following the car that night were publicly blamed, however the autopsy eventually concluded that the car driver was intoxicated and responsible for the crash. Conspiracy theories veer towards a deliberate and well-executed plan.


Peter Settelen, once the personal voice coach of Princess Diana, recently sold recordings of her private comments during their coaching sessions to Channel 4. In these she pours out her heart, for example saying how traumatized she was when, shortly after their engagement, Prince Charles was asked during press interview if he was being in love with her and he responded: ‘Whatever love means’. She also reveals that they had met only 13 times before they married and he had the strangest ways of wooing her. She also talks about catching her husband having an affair with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and turning to the queen for help, but being ignored.


Around a decade after giving births to two sons, Princess Diana and Prince Charles were officially divorced. One of the primary reasons was her tell-all interview on BBC during their separation period in which she disclosed her own infidelity with her bodyguard Barry Mannakee (later reconfirmed in Settelen’s secret recordings).  He died three weeks after being forced to leave the palace, in a motorbike accident, leaving her devastated and very suspicious about his death. A while later she fell in love with James Hewitt, who was suspected of being the real father of Prince Harry – but that theory was proven to be impossible chronologically. Her last boyfriend was Dodi Fayed, the eldest son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, whom she had planned to marry… but that never came to pass.

Princess Diana was a modern icon for many women around the world with her visionary attitude towards humanity and femininity.  She was idolized by modern feminists, regardless of how scandalous her private life was, and that is why we would like to reminisce about her on the special occasion of Mother’s Day this year.

Text by Rangsimun Kitchaijaroen
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