Delicious in Malacca

It’s the combination of historical town and modern lifestyle that makes Malacca a gem of a city. It’s well-known for being the home of many heritage attractions such as Dutch Square, St. Pauls Church, Porto De Santiago and A Famosa the Fortress, which can be seen while strolling along the riverside. But a journey is never completed without having local food! And you won’t be disappointed with the unique dishes we’re going to share with you. Let’s head over to Jonker Street, a market swarming with people and stalls, with a hearty appetite.


Kedai Kopi Chung Wah

The sight of a very long queue waiting for this original Hainanese chicken rice assured us it would be really delicious! The soft rice is served in the shape of a ball, making it easy to eat with the boiled chicken that smells of fragrant soy sauce. Their signature touch is a hot-and-sour dip that brings bang to the dish.


Loi Satay – Lung Ann Refreshments

Eating their satays with sticky rice, satay sauce and pickled cucumber is heavenly! Their satay is barbecued in the open-air, sending its aromas out to lure pedestrians. Four kinds are served – chicken, pork, pork intestine and chicken liver, all grilled until slightly charred. The satay sauce is made with peanuts and pineapple.


Jonker 88

One of the most famous restaurants in Malacca! The restaurant is self-service and things may get a little chaotic, but it’s worth being patient. Various local dishes are served, but the not-to-miss one is laksa, the hot-and-sour soup with udon-like noodles.  Laksa virgins can start with a Nyonya assam laksa, while experts can custom-order and choose their favourite ingredients and toppings.


Cristina Ee Nyonya Cendol Shop

This is for people with a sweet tooth. Apart from its just-out-of-the-oven pineapple tarts, this shop also serves original Malaysian cendol, those green rice flour noodles eaten with coconut cream and topped with jelly, peanuts and even durian, if you want! Shaved ice and bingsu lovers will love this.


The Daily Fix Café

Decorated with retro furniture, kitchenware, colourful trays and an ancient television, it’s like sitting in an elderly aunt’s home here! The eggs Benedict, burgers, pastas and pancakes are outstanding. The highlight is a very original pancake with salted eggs. The batter is baked until crispy on the outside and chewy inside, and served with a salty yolk sauce on vanilla ice-cream.


Ola Lavanderia

This small coffee shop is decorated in tones of white and black, and a serene spot for those who’d like a quiet coffee and good dessert. We think a hot latte with their White Melaka Cheesecake is a perfect combination!

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Special Thanks to Tourism Malaysia – Bangkok