There are plenty of tranquil islands in Trat Province, and they are all gorgeous in their own way. So, what’s the point of travelling further eastwards to Koh Kood Island? Upon my second time in Koh Kood, I figured six main reasons why I would definitely return again and again:


I have been to countless waterfalls, so I can confidently say that at Khlong Chao Waterfall, it’s different. It is simultaneously a mild adventure and gentle escape, just like many other waterfalls. It is even a mid-sized one. So what got me so impressed? The feeling of chumminess and seclusion. There were only a few other people enjoying themselves right there upon my visit, and for some reason, I felt like we were friends, with no awkwardness at all, and it made me feel even more like I was sitting at a private waterfall. The water is more than crystal clear and the flowing water sounds are exhilarating, so make sure you bring your swimming clothes, or you’ll regret not jumping in.


My stay was at the ravishing Away Koh Kood, one of the very first resorts situated on the island. The upper hand of being a pioneer is its unbeatable location, situated right by the sea, next to a mangrove forest at Baan Khlong Chao, and nearby a waterfall (the aforementioned Khlong Chao Waterfall). Kayaking or boat riding through the shamrockgreen mangroves lining up on both sides of the aqueous pathway is an incredible short journey. There is nothing much to see – just the crowded trees – but that is why I would recommend experiencing it.


When I visited the village of fishermen, I felt nice taking a break from tourist crowds and spending some time with local villagers. The slow stroll along houses built on the sea opened my eyes to the amiable rustic lives of those who bring us the freshest seafood. And if you want to taste its best, you could have it done your way, as there are plenty of well-known restaurants right there.


When the sea is this crystalline, why bother having second thoughts about diving? Snorkelingis a great way to explore the underwater wonders, especially at the neighborhood Koh Rad. Diving there, apart from the massive corals and adorable sea creatures, you could also see some of land animals, like elephants, horses, or buffalo. Definitely, they are not the real living ones (sorry if this disappoints you), but they are molded figures being placed underwater as new homes for soon-to-be-born corals. Those artificial animals make a good surprise to divers, as well as environmental conservationists.


It was three years ago when I first witnessed the stunning sunset over the Koh Kood horizon, and the astonishing captivation turned me into a sundown enthusiast. My return this year didn’t disappoint me, and instead, reassured me that I would come again without a doubt. Kayaking towards the spectacular sky painted with elegant pink stripes was so sensational and otherworldly. With that calm sea looking so still, I decided to get up early to row on a paddleboard to get the first lively air of the day. Marvelous and mentally rejuvenating, I would say.


Once you are at the seaside, it would be a mistake not to have some seafood. Even though there are some famous seafood restaurants on Koh Kood, such as Noochy Seafood serving succulent grills, or The Deck Bar at Koh Kood Resort with fantastic sea views, thirst-quenching cocktails, and mellow dishes, I had a mouth-watering blast right inside Away Koh Kood Resort. A dinner at Escape restaurant with local flavours dressing up the fresh seafood was so delightful. I remember being unable to get enough of the Stir-Fried Shrimp with Dried Chilli, so that’s the one you should try too.

Text and Photos by Pakvipa Rimdusit
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