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Bangkok Gourmet Festival 2016

The Bangkok culinary festival is coming soon. L+T reveals a list of the restaurants for our fans to savour the premium taste in advance.

Eat the rainbow

Studies show that different colours of food comprise particular curing benefits. Luckily and easily, we can transform any food we enjoy into rainbow coloured food…

The fresh and wet premium

Nippon Kai created a special feature by devoting part of its dining space to the market of fresh premium seafood and Japanese ingredients.


Papaya was once named the fruit of the angels by Christopher Columbus and the distinctive Asian Papaya Salads are all made of the unripened green papaya!


Albert Einstein said: ‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better’; Little Tree Garden offers private, peaceful and natural space.

Harrods Café @ Mercury Ville

The dream of having fine teas with top-notch savoury dishes in traditional Harrods manner has finally materialized in Bangkok.

HK 5 Hipster Cafés

It’s always a pleasure for hipster to find almost-secret cafés; these cool places around Hong Kong are ideal for the perfect chill and, of course, Instagram-worthy.

Busan Street Food

Busan’s night streets are vibrant open kitchens that provide you with a source of street food with heavenly aromas and tantalizing displays.


If you are unsure whether to go for Asian or Western cuisine, fret not. Like a little slice of Italy in the heart of Bangkok, Ferrero Restorante will give you the ultimate east-meets-west experience, and without breaking the bank.


With the strong uprising of the Korean industry comes the major influences on the inhabitants of this city, this cafe perfectly captures the latest Bangkok obsessions of Korean dessert cafes. ‘Noonkotsi’ specializes in shaved ice often referred to as ‘bingsu’ in Korean.

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