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Delicious in Malacca

To complete a journey to Malacca in Malaysia, you must visit Jonker Street and experience all its delicious offerings.


Discover the varied types of alcohol around the world with unique, unforgettable flavours that have developed and evolved over years of historical and cultural influence.


Happiness manufacturers that come with the idea and uniqueness for those who search for a new sense of perfection.

Vertical Sweet

Vertical height always portrays the peak of success, the importance of being – in other words, celebration.


As its slogan says, “Delicacy Finest Selection”, eateries in The Taste Thonglor will certainly not disappoint food lovers.

Eathai | Eat Like A Thai

The variety of Thai cuisine is a feast by its nature; Eathai invites you to toast authentic Thai flavour in the heart of Bangkok.

Bangkok Gourmet Festival 2016

The Bangkok culinary festival is coming soon. L+T reveals a list of the restaurants for our fans to savour the premium taste in advance.

Eat the rainbow

Studies show that different colours of food comprise particular curing benefits. Luckily and easily, we can transform any food we enjoy into rainbow coloured food…

The fresh and wet premium

Nippon Kai created a special feature by devoting part of its dining space to the market of fresh premium seafood and Japanese ingredients.

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