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With the strong uprising of the Korean industry comes the major influences on the inhabitants of this city, this cafe perfectly captures the latest Bangkok obsessions of Korean dessert cafes. ‘Noonkotsi’ specializes in shaved ice often referred to as ‘bingsu’ in Korean.

Top 5 Hong Kong Street Food

Street food is a window into Hong Kong’s soul. The Michelin Hong Kong Guide has included a street food section in its 2016 edition, reflecting the diversity of the dining scene in this city teeming with food options.

Theo Mio Italiano

It’s our pleasure to invite you to a ristorante in Bangkok metropolis where your taste-buds will be satiated by London-based, acclaimed Italian Chef Theo Randall.

Savoury Spanish at Osito

Take a break and head to a tasca. “Little Bear” here is ready to serve a new taste of lunch for you.


Colour is the first sense that you experience with food. An array of colours can be made of an array of vivid ingredients which all sound scrumptious!

Japanese Craft

A modern take on the superlative Japanese fare – proudly we present Yellow Tail Sushi Bar (YTSB).

5 Favourite Hong Kong Happy Hours

No matter the reason for being in Hong Kong, don’t miss out on our 5 favourite downtown Happy Hours with their summer-luscious signature cocktails.


Eight brilliant Iron Chefs perform their culinary magic, bringing eight exquisite ingredients into sophisticated and diverse cuisine.


Italians say ‘A tavola non si invecchia’ – at the table with good friends and great food, you don’t get old.

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