In addition to history and culture, another experience not to be missed in Kansai is sampling its food delicacies.

Top 10 Foodie Destinations of the World

If one of your adrenaline-driving activities during your trip abroad is to try finger-licking food you’ve never seen or heard of before, this list is for you.


Follow the aroma of coffee and cacao which diffuses the air of Kiyosumi-Shirakawa on Tokyo’s new off-road trail.

Delicious in Malacca

To complete a journey to Malacca in Malaysia, you must visit Jonker Street and experience all its delicious offerings.


Discover the varied types of alcohol around the world with unique, unforgettable flavours that have developed and evolved over years of historical and cultural influence.

HK 5 Hipster Cafés

It’s always a pleasure for hipster to find almost-secret cafés; these cool places around Hong Kong are ideal for the perfect chill and, of course, Instagram-worthy.

Busan Street Food

Busan’s night streets are vibrant open kitchens that provide you with a source of street food with heavenly aromas and tantalizing displays.

Top 5 Hong Kong Street Food

Street food is a window into Hong Kong’s soul. The Michelin Hong Kong Guide has included a street food section in its 2016 edition, reflecting the diversity of the dining scene in this city teeming with food options.

Japanese Craft

A modern take on the superlative Japanese fare – proudly we present Yellow Tail Sushi Bar (YTSB).

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