One pan cooking happens be the most simple, relaxing way to produce spectacular food, imagining you can fry, steam or even boil in it.


Preparing healthy menus at home is one of the best things you could reward your body.

A Story of a Peach

King Bhumibol Adulyadej urged tribal villagers in northern Thailand to grow peaches instead of opium, these are dishes from his inspiration.

Vertical Sweet

Vertical height always portrays the peak of success, the importance of being – in other words, celebration.

Eat the rainbow

Studies show that different colours of food comprise particular curing benefits. Luckily and easily, we can transform any food we enjoy into rainbow coloured food…


Papaya was once named the fruit of the angels by Christopher Columbus and the distinctive Asian Papaya Salads are all made of the unripened green papaya!


Colour is the first sense that you experience with food. An array of colours can be made of an array of vivid ingredients which all sound scrumptious!

To the Caribbean

Million tourists visit the Caribbean for the sand, the sun, the sea, the outdoor spirit and the relaxation, which are characteristics of Jamaican food.

Coast Along

From coast to coast, people drift along the line and make their own habitat. From cuisine to cuisine, you will find food which is simply cooked and nurtured.