We always dream of unique, unforgettable holiday: pristine nature, genuine people and thrilling adventures. Switzerland can make our dream come true!

Honeymoon Travel

Make your honeymoon the trip of a lifetime, an adventure or experience unlike any other with these 8 most romantic destinations you may not have heard of.

Brussels Art Scene

Belgium’s capital is emerging as the best-kept secret on the European art beat, where “cosy chaos” has thrived into a creative climate that’s bold and energetic.

Hi Brexit, Hello UK holidays!

Brexit has taken over the news for the past few days and for the rest of us non-political folks, it means only one thing – a weaker pound currency = a more affordable holiday to the United Kingdom!

Incredible Europe

How many times do you visit to Europe? Let’s find something unprecedented and exclusive to make Europe more exciting.

A Fairy Tale Come True

Go beyond the Disneyworld and feel fully immersed in these 5 Disney film locations existing in the real world.


This is where the touching, romantic story took place. Here, the heartstrings turned into unforgettable memories. Here is Pembrokeshire!


“Nice is all décor, a very beautiful, fragile town, but a town without people, without depth” – Matisse


In the 20th century, the Riviera welcomed numerous artistic souls into their folds. And their legacy in lovely locations makes entrancing viewing today.

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