Top Cycling Destinations

Whether pedalling along a serene river in the countryside or freewheeling down mountainous terrain, there’s little more energising than a cycling holiday.


Here are selected hot air balloon festivals around the world allowing you to experience such fun up in the air at least once in your life.

Bonjour! A Journey to France

One simply never tires of France, and these up-to-date travel recommendations will add more pizazz to your journey.


A million homes across Asia-Pacific with over 500 local handcrafted activities designed by local experts provides perfect alternative ideas for your Valentine.

Indulge Your Loved One

10 Romantic Destinations around the World 
to Spoil Your Loved One this Valentine’s Day

Spice Up Valentine’s Day

Pico Iyer once said, “Travel is like love, the best trips, like the best love connections, never really end.” Let’s translate the love for travel in this season of love.

See Naples and live!

A city of majestic architecture, chaotic energy and a setting to die for, Naples – the home of pizza.


Munich is home to advanced tech yet packed with pristine architecture, arts and culture, and Oktoberfest!

Be In Your Element

With Chinese New Year, let’s visit unique picturesque destinations that embody Chinese elements.

City Breaks in Switzerland

As a travel destination in the heart of the Alps, Switzerland offers thrilling natural landscapes as well as a high density of history and culture in its different cities.

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