Blooming Seasons Around the World

The arrival of spring is a blissful feeling and there’s no better way to savour the season than spending time outdoors and enjoying nature bloom. Whether you’d prefer to be immersed in a sea of colour in the famous Dutch tulip fields, learn about plant species in beautiful botanical gardens, or attend an obscure Italian flower festival, has got you covered.

Furano, Japan

Though the lavender fields in Furano may not be too different from those in Provence, it’s the setting that makes them special. Mount Tokachi forms an impressive backdrop and the atmosphere when they’re blooming in July is wonderfully celebratory. Visit a local farm to enjoy a seemingly endless expanse of lavender, as well as poppies, lilies, and sunflowers, and taste some of the freshly-made lavender ice cream.

Boquete, Panama

Boquete and its exuberant tropical surroundings are worth visiting year-round but the town’s annual flower festival, from 11 to 21 January each year, is the best time for fans of flora. On the banks of the Boquete River, expert gardeners put on an incredible display of thousands of assorted flowers. A highlight is the showcase by the local orchid society; a colourful collection of one of the world’s most treasured exotic plants.

Spello, Italy

The ancient Italian town of Spello is a garden in itself. Flower pots and vines cover almost all of the buildings’ rose-coloured stone walls and weathered wood shutters and doors. But Spello’s ‘Inforiate’, an ancient ceremony still taking place on 18th June every year, is the real attraction. On this day, the streets of the town are covered with floral mosaics, created as part of a competition and following all kinds of themes. The petals of daisies, chrysanthemums, roses, and all other types of flower are laid out masterfully, intricately, and to spectacular effect.

Giverny, France

Giverny was home to Claude Monet for much of his life and his former home and garden, instantly recognisable from his water lily series, are now open to the public. It’s not hard to see how it inspired some of his most lauded work, since the garden feels like a surreal art installation. Almost every inch of ground is covered with a dizzying array of flora – nasturtiums, tulips, irises, peonies – separated by water-lily ponds, the wisteria-lad bridge, and huge weeping willows. Open from 24th March until 1st November 2017.

Holambra, Brazil

Named from the words Holland America Brazil, Holambra is a former Dutch colony in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Staying true to its Dutch heritage, today Halambra is best known as the largest producer of flowers and ornamental plants in Latin American and hosts the largest spring event in South American, the Expoflora, which is considered one of the greatest showcases of the national floriculture novelties.

Dalat, Vietnam

The city of thousands flowers, Dalat is home to various flower parks, farms and festivals, each decorating the city with colourful blooms and rich green landscaping. Spend your days exploring this former French colony and wandering the grounds, taking in fragrant lilies, chrysanthemums and diverse orchids that this city is famous for.

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