Good Health Delivered on Wheels

Using the knowledge of the nutrients that fruits and vegetables within the five colour groups of red, orange, yellow, green and blue/purple provide, PukPun introduces a signature range of fresh and healthy smoothies in the heart of Thonglor. Joined with Velayenn Bike Shop, a bike delivery service is offered; so early each morning a team of bikers depart from Pukpun with jars packed full of goodness, for delivery to Pukpun members at their offices or homes.

PukPun offers a range of smoothie programs. A popular one is 21-Day Fight! (which refers to the theory that it takes 21 days to form a habit) that is divided in four levels: Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Super Expert. Each of these programs offers smoothies with a different mix of vegetables, fruits, herbs and cereal grains, thus providing a variety of flavours and nutrients. Those who would like to flush out toxins from their body can opt for the 5-Day Detox Program, which replaces a day’s meals with four 480 ml. jars of nutrient-dense smoothies. And for those who are not particularly health-conscious, PukPun suggests their Indy Program as a tasting.

Apart from delivering healthy drinks to their members, PukPun also demonstrates a healthy concern towards the environment. They purchase organic ingredients directly from the farms, which increases the income of farmers and encourages them continue planting good-quality products. PukPun also encourages their members to help save the environment by recycling the smoothie jars. Finally, their membership scheme helps PukPun to plan their purchasing and storage of ingredients according to the number of members, so there is minimal wastage.

Any bikers who share the ideology of biking for better health and a better world are warmly invited to become part of the delivery team, as Pukpun is now expanding its routes throughout Bangkok and the metropolitan area and is looking for more bikers. Apart from the benefits of the daily morning cycle and getting to make new friends within the biking community, delivery bikers will of course get to enjoy a free jar of smoothie!

If you would like to sign up for membership to order your daily smoothie, or to find out more, please visit Pukpun’s website. You can also visit Velayenn Bike Shop at Thonglor, which is open Thursdays to Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Text by Goongging Thanisara
Photos by Pimlada Thanachokenitiwat
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