Beau-Rivage Palace

Beau-Rivage Palace offers a luxurious summer holiday this year with great activities and events ranging from the unique and romantic stay in a pop-up hotel to gourmet events and gourmet cruise on the Le Montreux, the steam boat that cruises along the picturesque Geneva lake, or ‘the Art of Slow’, mindful and relaxing activities that organised in the garden, at the outdoor swimming pool. The summer is all yours.

Ideally situated on the banks of Lake Geneva since 1861, Beau-Rivage Palace is nestled in a natural beauty spot just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Lausanne offering its guests Switzerland’s finest hotel and the world’s most attractive palace resort. Just 10-minutes away from the vibrant city centre, the hotel benefits from the Mediterranean atmosphere of the nearby harbour. The hotel’s four-hectare large garden and splendid terrace form an oasis of calm, ideal for recharging one’s batteries. The view onto Lake Geneva and the Alps exudes a unique serenity, as if outside of time. Since 1861, Beau-Rivage Palace has been proving that tradition and innovation – just like cultural heritage and modernity – complement each other very well. This ambassador of the highest Swiss hotel tradition is a great example of the country’s typically excellent hospitality.

For those who wish to experience something more unique, closer to nature yet within reach of five-star services, Beau-Rivage Palace offers a great choice of Pop-Up Hotel throughout this summer. Pop-Up Hotel is a bed nested in the garden and a private terrace with a panoramic view from Lake Geneva to the Alps will make you feel like time is standing still. In the glass pavilion, in the middle of the four-hectare park, past and future, tradition and modernity, become one. Without TV, WiFi or other distractions, you can enjoy a bit of romance and some time out. Prices start from CHF 350.- per night with continental breakfast included. Valid to stay from now until 30 August 2018.

Summer Delights

Being a true centre of dining excellence and a home to ANNE-SOPHIE PIC AU BEAU-RIVAGE PALACE which opened in April 2009 following an extensive refurbishment, the hotel offers the great range of activities and events for the ultimate luxurious summer holiday in Switzerland. Beau-Rivage chefs relocate their kitchen to create a series of temporary rendezvous to showcase their gourmet delights surrounded by nature: afternoon or sunset cruises, dinner under the pine trees, one-on-one bucolic meals, places off the beaten track to create sweet and tender memories.

Pampering yourself a little never hurts! The Montreux will draw you out onto the water with its sweet’n’sour treats during an afternoon cruise on sunset trip. Le Montreux is the oldest boat of the CGN fleet (Compagnie Générale de Navigation) – the largest European fleet of paddle steamers dating back to the Belle Époque in 19th century. For this summer, Le Montreux turns into a floating restaurant, where Beau-Rivage Palace chefs prepare delicious meals from afternoon delights with the hot drink of your choice (from CHF 12, depart from Lausanne 1:45 pm to Chateau de Chillon and return to Lausanne at 5:15 pm) to the sunset dinner (buffet from CHF 68 to CHF 98). Le Montreux departs from Lausanne-Ouchy pier, just a few minutes’ walk from Beau-Rivage Palace. Available from 17 June to 2 September 2018 from Tuesday to Saturday, depart from Lausanne at 6:45 pm to Yvoire and return to Lausanne at 10:27 pm.

Lunch and Dinner Under the Pine Trees

Long tables laid out in the heart of Beau-Rivage Palace grounds, a buffet of Mediterranean delights brought to life with a glass of fine champagne. Let yourself be charmed by the Beau-Rivage Palace’s two headliner events, where the sweet notes of the inviting and gourmet atmosphere are something to be savoured. Only on 30 July 2018, dinner. The ticket costs CHF 110 per person including a glass of fine champagne for adult and CHF 55 for children from 6 to 12 years old, free for children under 6 years old.

Confidential Invitation

What if the moon and the stars were your only neighbours at table tonight? Book your dinner or lunch in the Beau-Rivage Palace gardens and surprise your guests. The chef offers a summer menu prepared on the grill accompanied by Roederer champagne. You will be waited on by your own private butler. Prices start from CHF 990 including food and wine pairing for 2 people. Available from 18 June to 16 September 2018. Reservation only 24 hours in advance – for 2 to 10 guests maximum.

The Anne-Sophie Pic Market

The Lobby Lounge terrace turns into a real marketplace. Chef Ann-Sophie Pic invites you to meet her trusted suppliers and Swiss favourites. Together, the will let you in on the secrets of this selection of unique produce used to prepare the finest dishes. For this third edition, there will be new products and inticing curiousities. Available on Friday 31 August 2018, from 11 am to 2 pm.

The Art of Slow

A ray of sunshine brushes over your skin and suddenly everything is different. Your lips smile, your eyes close almost automatically, your breath and heart rate slow down. Let yourself be in the present, experience this deep sense of well-being that comes with the arrival of a new summer. The Beau-Rivage Palace spirit will soothe you and help you discover yourself. Surrounded by nature, nourished by healthy, local cuisine, let yourself go and set yourself to the pace of your heart beat. Spending a quality down time slowly in the Beau-Rivage very own private garden this summer with great activities including:

Reading Corners

Do you have a free hour or perhaps more? Slip whatever you are reading at the moment into your bag and find yourself a secluded spot in our gardens. We have placed secluded, comfy spots throughout the garden, out of sight, where you can read, stroll about, daydream or meditate in peace. Open to non-residents throughout this summer.

Yoga in the Garden

Wind down and free yourself this summer with Beau-Rivage Palace’s Yoga in the Garden. Available from 3 July to 31 August 2018, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 9 am. Open to non-residents at the price of CHF 40.

Yoga and Fitness on Water with Aquaphysical

Balance on a board moored to side of the pool, concentrate on yourself, on your movements, your breathing, is pure bliss. New above-water yoga and fitness concepts are introduced for this summer experience at Beau-Rivage Palace for an unparalleled way to unwind. Available from 3 July to 31 August 2018, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Yoga from 9 am and Fitness from 10:30 am. Prices start from CHF 59 per person.

For more information or reservations:
T: +41.21.613.3306