Bangkok Gourmet Festival 2016

Bangkok is a gastronomical destination since its variety of international cuisine restaurants dispersing all over the place, as well as traditional dishes and street foods which are convenient to afford. So, True Visions Group Company Limited got an idea to boast this uniqueness and initiate this project called, “Bangkok Gourmet Festival 2016”, where dozens of Michelin-star celebrities and local master chefs gather to show their culinary arts and innovations. The event occurs on 4-6 November at the Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon. But for those who hate waiting, we’ve got a list of the accompanying restaurants at which you can have a master chef create a special dish for you as an hors d’oeuvres of the upcoming big festival.



A direct spin-off from the television show Iron Chef Thailand, Iron Chef Table is an all-star collaboration of celebrity chefs who have graced and defended their championship at the fuel-filled Kitchen Stadium. Each dish created here has their own story and tweaks from the original dish. There is a huge fine-dining vibes from its menu, which relies heavily on molecular techniques—as usually seen on the show.




Sushi lovers from Japan would be able to tell that Ginza Sushi-ichi, a petite sushi boite at the heart of Ratchaprasong, is somehow connected with the Michelin-starred namesake restaurant in Tokyo. Ginza Sushi-ichi Bangkok also offers its guests an ultimate omakase service—or “up to the chef”—a long tradition of sushi-ya in Japan. Pieces after pieces of luscious raw fish, ornately served degustation-style, are boasted to have come straight from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.




Renowned Dutch Chef Henk Savelberg has the distinction of being awarded a Michelin star in four different restaurants across the Netherlands. He decided to open shop in Bangkok, Savelberg Thailand, which is a gourmet, modern French restaurant, with a Dutch touch, striving to serve up absolute quality in dining with focus on luxury in details. It is guaranteed to be the chosen destination for those longing for well-crafted dining experience.




Conceived and created by Michelin star recipient Jean-Michel Lorain with the kitchen being run under the watchful and exacting eye of Amerigo Sesti, J’AIME brings a new element to meals by combining the very best in both innovative and classic French cuisine with the comfortable and cosseting service of the shared Asian table.




Rossini’s, Italian restaurant at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, has been awarded with many recognitions. Luca Cesarini, native Italian born in Stresa, Italy, is the restaurant’s Head Chef. He employs his experiences in menu creation and ingredient selection, together with his diverse skills, to ensure that every dish he makes reach top quality.




OSHA, celebrated luxurious Thai restaurant from San Francisco, serves the best authentic Thai food with modern twist in molecular gastronomy. The restaurant delivers unique and attractive look of each dish, which still maintain bold taste, strong character of Thai food. OSHA adopts temperature control technique to make sure each ingredient taste at its best. The ingredients are also locally sourced from all over the country.




Operating in 29 countries and more than 400 branches around the world, Paul Bakery finally makes its first foray in Thailand and offers the city its delicious French pastries, breads, and many more. Paul’s array of baked goods ranges from buttery, flaky croissants and fluffy pain de mie to custardy canelés and sweet macarons. They also specialize in café menu which includes sandwiches, soups, salads, cakes, as well as coffee, wine, and beer.  Paul hopes to uphold their high standard using the best sourced ingredients not unlike what they use in France, but they also manage to alter the baking temperature and techniques to adapt to Thailand’s challenging tropical climate.




Chef Francesco Lenzi opened Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen with the will to bring original taste and flavor of a real Tuscan style to Italian food-lovers. At Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen, Chef Francesco has imported a variety of high-quality food products directly from the farm in Tuscany to use in his kitchen. Bazzone, fresh pork leg from Valle Del Serchio that is cured for 3 to 4 years with Tuscan sea salt and pepper is a must order dish. Mortadella Col Tartufo, heat-cured pork sausage with cubes of pork fat and truffle is also another suggestion. The melt-in-your-mouth effect of the ham after first bite is impressive.


Presented by Rangsimun Kitchaijaroen
Special Thanks to Bangkok Gourmet Festival 2016