When secluded nature rubs shoulders with the playful elite mind, the outcome is the epic JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, in which every corner has a story to be told. From the grand lobby that welcomes all guests to this Bill Bensley’s playground, to the vivid accommodation buildings designated as a variety of departments, the tale is brought alive with real-life decorated snippets where one cannot help but feeling embraced by the glory of the past era.

Aligning with the grand ambience of the place, an exquisite two-story beachfront mansion overlooking the stunning Emerald Bay which painted vivid pink stands tall and very much inviting. Pink Pearl, it is dubbed, and is the newly launched French fine-dining restaurant on this splendid island. A sophisticated feminine glimpse greets you upon your first step into this dining paradise that is set to the magnificence of the 1920s. The restaurant is inspired and obtained its name from the legend of Madame Pearl Collins, who was the second wife of Lamarck University’s first Dean. She was of French – Vietnamese descent. Her father was a wealthy French trader and her mother was one of Vietnam’s social elites. She had learned the fine art of French cooking from her grandmother. Madame Pearl was also an artist, well-known for her excellent expertise in arts, culinary and hospitality. In Phu Quoc, Madame Pearl was recognised as the “grand hostess” of the island. She threw the best parties and the elite of society always waited anxiously for their invitations. People travelled from all over Vietnam and the world to attend her parties and taste her cuisine.

Today, Pink Pearl proposes an art-driven French fine-dining cuisine with a unique culinary experience by showcasing seasonal dishes prepared by mixing local and International premium products with a concept of farm to table.

Under the baton of Chef Amine Ouameur Lakhdari, who holds over 10 years’ experience in Palace and Michelin-starred restaurants in France, Pink Pearl serves modern interpretations of Madame Pearl’s classic recipes. The beverage focus is placed on French and New World wines with a selection of fortified wines including port.

The restaurant features one main dining hall, six private dining rooms including a wine tasting room to welcome and treat our guests upon arrival. The intricate private dining rooms come with features of their own, such as dedicated Gentlemen and Lady Rooms, each with portraits of Madame Pearl Collins visitors which she used to get portrayed by the universities’ art and faculty students. Our wine tasting room displays stocks and rows of wines behind large glass doors. With a massive table placed at the centre of the room, this space acts as an exclusive welcome and private dining area where the best wines are paired with excellent food.

The beverage experience is shaped around the vast selection of French/European wines complemented by signature cocktails, and a selection of fine Champagne, Cognac and beer. Apart from the finest food, there will also be entertainment of a pianist, violinist, and female playing classical music, which eases up until the singer bellows a French opera from the upper balcony to end the seating. Sit back, relax, and plunge yourself into the world of Madame Pearl as she’s keeping an eye on you from her painting up on the wall in the Main Dining Hall!

: JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Kem Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam
T: +84 297 377 9999