Amsterdam – Netherlands

There are numerous means to seek for happiness. One of them is travelling, actually. Step out of your humdrum destination and make a way to the world’s happiest countries. Netherlands is one of them, proved by its consistent top-ten position on the rankings. Explore this historical metropolis of Holland and you’ll discover happiness on every corner.


Alive, elegant and cosmopolitan, Amsterdam is lined with artistic heritage; royal palaces, churches, monuments, fortresses and medieval houses. The enchanting views are just part of the appeal of this capital city, for this is also an area full of delightful villages and bustling historic towns.


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We arrived at the Dam Square where the royal palace or city hall is beautifully situated. The royal palace was built in the 17th century as the largest public building in the country. The stunning sculptures both outside and inside tell the story of Amsterdam as the centre of the world. When walking into the central hall, we were overwhelmed by the grandeur of the hall and magnificent interior design. There are an elegant council chamber, several conference rooms, and charming bedrooms to explore.


The lively city of Amsterdam truly brought back our energy; we joyfully walked along the street, past the National Monument and a variety of shops and restaurants, going to the red light district area to visit the Oude Kerk – the city’s oldest building, which today is a unique public place in the middle of the metropolis where art or music is often performed. Its renowned great organ is positioned prominently above the porch.


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After a walk around the beautiful and the most unusual historic town, we treated ourselves with a canal cruise, the perfect recreation which allows everyone to savour the spectacular waterways of Amsterdam. A late afternoon in spring brings out the best view over the Amstel River, past all the shapely arches of the narrow houses with gabled facades. The river is spanned by many bridges but the most famous is the Magere Brug or “Skinny Bridge”, the traditional double-leaf white bridge.


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A journey through the natural beauty of this land of tulips is perhaps the best example of revitalisation. The Netherlands is a magical place where everyone can find the ‘Neverland’ on their own – not only a place where you could possibly cease to age, as in the famous novel about Peter Pan, but where you can find beauty and achieve great pleasure.

Text by Nitiwan Ponglux / Photos by Atipu Ponglux
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