Alternative ‘First Time’ Cities Ep. 5

Favourite destinations around the world are matched with lesser known places that offer an equally awesome experience when it comes to culture, food, nightlife and attractions. Here is the last match guide to find your perfect first time trip!

If you like BERLIN, why not try BELGRADE?


Aerial view of Berlin skyline with Spree river in summer, Germany

Landscape: Pioneering landscape swarms in Berlin and as it suffered a lot of destruction during the Second World War, post war design dominates today’s landscape. Its TV tower, standing at over 1,000 feet is unmissable – nestled amongst gardens, palaces, bridges, a beautiful cathedral and, of course, the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Culture: There’s a sense of excitement in this hipster city – it’s busy, and there’s always something to see, do and talk about. It offers great transport, a relaxed café culture, a booming tech industry that houses hundreds of start-up businesses and top performers as part of its inhabitants.   

Points of interest: The Berlin Wall Memorial is a must visit way to find out more about the city’s history, while the Brandenburger Tor monument is one of Germany’s most visited landmarks. For something a little more musical, Berlin’s philharmonic orchestra is one of the best in the world and performs regularly in the city. The city also has a huge variety of markets and microbreweries for foodies.

Food: Perhaps most famous for its ‘currywurst’ – a hot sliced sausage with ketchup, curry powder and chips – you also can’t leave Berlin without trying its schnitzel, pretzels or steins of beer of course. Another local delicacy – believe it or not – is pork knuckle, where it’s boiled for several hours in sauerkraut and served with potatoes.

Nightlife: Well known as a party city, Berlin has everything from tech-house edgy clubs, to cocktail bars, opera and underground pubs. Head to the east side for the best partying areas but be prepared for a late night. Most clubs don’t get going till one am so why not start in the Kastanienallee area for great restaurants and good bars.

Did you know? If you’re out and about on a Saturday night, try House Of Weekend – a rooftop bar with great views and local hotspot.


View on Belgrade old part of town and the river port

Landscape: Resolute and urban probably best describe Belgrade. Whilst it has its green spaces with its parks, tower blocks and concrete dominate its gritty but still charming cityscape.

Culture: The city has a thriving café culture, great food and lively nightlife. All come at great prices too, making Belgrade a fun, wallet friendly, must-visit city.

Points of interest: The Belgrade fortress in the city’s Upper Town is beautiful and has a great restaurant and park within, or why not go for a bit of shopping through Knez Mihailova. The Tower of Sibinjanin Janko offers brilliant views, while the Museum of Fugoslav History has an unrivalled collection of historical artefacts, with free tours at the weekend.

Food: Expect lots of meat, potatoes and vegetables at great prices. It’s most typical dish is a meat patty, usually made from ground lamb, pork, beef and onion. Kebab like dishes are also popular, as is rolled veal stuffed with bacon – or try ‘sarma’, stuffed cabbage with minced beef with rice.

Nightlife: Belgrade has grown a thriving nightlife in recent years, with a focus on the DJ scene and underground clubs. Locals are big on cabaret nights and casinos. Don’t miss one of the quirky bars situated on river barges.

Did you know? Belgrade has a huge number of mysterious underground tunnels, galleries and caves all over the city that house remains of previous civilisations. Book on a tour to get a real taste of the city’s history.

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