Gazing out across the Bangkok skyline at dusk from a high building is a reward to an urbanista’s life. Adding to the scene a scrumptious meal, you are surely in heaven on earth, also known as Akira Back Restaurant and Bar.

Exquisitely sat by the large lush Benchasiri Park, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is a real premium gastronomy hub that would surely please every palate. While Soba Factory provides fresh tender soba, Pagoda Chinese Restaurant serves scrumptious Cantonese flairs and Goji Kitchen + Bar has everything under the stars, the latest Akira Back Restaurant and Bar offers unique delectable tastes by a world-renowned chef in modish ambience for a night to remember.

Known for his sense of adventure and boundless creativity to his culinary creations, Akira Back is the award-winning Korean-born, American-raised chef who interestingly redefines Asian cuisine. This outlet is his debut landing in Thailand after achieving international success.

“For over 24 years, Chef Back has enticed the culinary world with his bold interpretations of Asian fare with American influence. Using only high-quality ingredients and creating a culture of world-class service in a welcoming environment, Chef Back’s restaurants embody classic cuisine, continuously featuring innovative dishes that use the finest ingredients from the world’s top purveyors,” I was told, and could not resist to nod in agreement as the food we ordered started to be paraded in.

For starters, we had Tuna Pizza (THB 430), which is the best seller on the menu in Akira Back restaurants all over the world. The imported pizza dough was laid thin in order to be a crispy crust, topped with umami aioli that is the combination of ponzu sauce, tuna sashimi, micro shiso and white truffle oil for the irresistible aroma. I had no wonder why this menu is a real hit! Then we opted for Jeju Domi (THB 380) – the sashimi dish that recalled Akira’s childhood memory when he did not want to take sashimi and his father gave him snapper with chojang sauce. Using chojang as a condiment together with a hint of orange-infused tobiko, gave a really interesting twist of sashimi and we loved it.

Next on the track was the AB Tacos (THB 340), in which tender wagyu bulgogi was placed in the crispy taco, topped with tomato ponzu sauce – real perfection for beef lovers. Just when I thought we should move on to the main course, we could not say no to the Yellowtail Tartare (THB 750), whose appearance surely won the ‘wow’ factor. This menu is inspired by a Korean dish called Gujeolpan, and is served with nine condiments in a photogenic setting – wasabi cream, chives, shallots, white egg, egg yolk, pepper, jalapeno, shiso flower, and garlic chips. To have it, you need to pour the wasabi soy sauce into the provided bowl, mix it well with the tartare then place the condiments to suit your palate. Believe me, it was a matchless eating experience at every bite as you could try to put different amounts of each condiment in each bite.

The long-listed menu of Akira Back at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park put us in a real dilemma and we ended up ordering quite a number of main courses to share, so all of us could have a glimpse of the culinary revolution Akira Back is creating. Jidori Chicken (THB 490) arrived first and the tenderness of the meat really captured us due to the special cooking technique, dubbed sous vide, that keeps the juiciness of the chicken breast throughout the whole cooking process. Even the velvety potato puree served as the base was yummy, believe me! The next dish was Seared Greenland Halibut (THB 520) which uses imported halibut from Greenland, seasoned with salt and pepper then pan seared for the crust. Served with the soy-based beurre blanc and Japanese mushroom mixture, it was a real pleasure to lavish. One of my favourite dishes of the night would be the Lamb Chops (THB 580), in which Australian lamb chops are glazed with ahipotle anticucho sauce and South American-influenced sauce, giving a spicy and smoky flavour.

To draw the curtain down after being overwhelmed with delectable dishes, we ordered Coconut Mochi Cake (THB 160), which personified the Japanese influence in American food perfectly, as it is a Hawaiian butter mochi cake, served with salted caramel popcorn, candied macadamia nuts, and also coconut mango sorbet. It was a meal to remember and we left the restaurant with both our palates and our souls pampered.

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