6 Reasons not to miss Bachok

A perfect getaway from an active domain is a trip to Bachok, a district in Malaysia based around the South China Sea. Gentle ultramarine waves lapsing over the seashore, an exotic aura interlaced with the beach. The ideal vacation. The city filled with culture and grace, a simple life 25 km east of Kota Bharu. A governmental region in Kelantan, a short drive off the city and you’ll get to live a Utopian life that most won’t ever encounter.

#1 Malay woodcarving culture

To grasp the classic woodcarving history, time in the Akademi Nik Rashiddin (Nik Rashiddin Academy) will comprehend and understand the Malay culture and talent in their passion. Nick Rashiddin and Nik Hussein have founded and practiced woodcarving until they became active woodcarver, they took interest in the history of woodcarving traditions, especially the Malays. Many collectors woodcarving items have been stored in the gallery, there is preserved and displayed. Popular antiquity such as bird cages, bird traps, bed frames and many more, indicates the elaborate culture of Malay.

#2 Temple-hopping

Because the majority of the population are Muslim, it’s odd that there are so many Buddhist temples surrounding the area because of Kelantan’s closeness to Thailand. The majestic pearl colored Buddha statue located in the Photikyan Phutthaktham temple, a popular tourist attraction that must be visited. The impressive height 108-foot tall statue could be seen miles away, glistening in the sunlight. With two brightly colored dragons guarding the entrance, they greet the tourist that has come to the temples. A wishing tree is placed in the temple as another attraction, sprinkled in multicolored strings. There are multitudes of other beautiful statues and sights in the temple waiting to be seen.

#3 The Call of the Sea

Beach of Melody is a popular natural attraction for the tourist who wants to spend a day bathing in the rays of the sun. Getting a sun-kissed tan while hearing the soft laps of waves washing up and down. The whistling of the wind and the laughter of the locals when they come and socialize in the weekends gave the beach the name ‘Beach of Melody’. The liveliness increases throughout the day as people play and exercise. Banana boat rides, fishing, and kite flying never go out of fashion. The scent of the barbecue at night and the cool sand under your feet will make everything feel wholesome.

#4 Kelantan Delicacies

Meals and provisions in Kelantan are immensely different from city food; rice for breakfast is common along with other different spices. In Kelantan, they celebrate the 101 types of rice dishes as a local festival. It’s no challenge finding mixed rice recipes including nasi dagang, nasi berlauk, nasi tumpang and nasi kerabu. Moreover, freshly roasted seafood is a true luxury here. Since fishing is the main industrial economy of those living on the east coast, the seafood is deemed the best because you’ll always be assured to get the freshest catches of the day.

#5 A History Lesson

In 1941 the Japanese military penetrates Malaya, with Bangkok as one of their initial landing points. Any visitors would learn and understand the history’s and would be involved in lectures on how the war has fought along with their strategies and challenges amidst British Indian Army and the Empire of Japan.

#6 The clay-makers

Singgora tiles are mainly hand produced in Kelantan. The tiles are thin and lean, used on the east coast at rooftops and traditional wooden homes. The reasoning behind the location is the fact that there cooling and the ability to reduce temperatures indoors consistently.


The only airport available from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan’s is in Pengkalan Chepa, Sultan Ismail Petra (KBR). Around 8km from Kota Bharu with two airlines Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. FireFly reaches Kelantan from Penang and Johor Bahru, it’s a full-service program, a full subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines.

Privet Car
From Thailand, there’s a drive-through Sungai Kolok, Narathiwat crosswise the golden river on the newly completed bridge at Bukit Bunga, Jeli to enter the city of Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. Insurance is needed to drive through Malaysia to follow their policy. The time available is between 1 month and 1 year with the pricing of THB 500. Then do an ICP or a temporary circle sign to be stuck to the windshield, this would be done in the Malaysia agency. It’s time-consuming at Immigration though.

Rental Car/Van
Thailand holds most of the rental services, mainly in the Sungai Kolok. Rental Rates are about THB 2,500-3,000 per day. However, if you want a taxi from Malaysia, you need to walk from the outpost of Thailand through the Malaysian outpost to reach the car rental spot. The car is in red and yellow stripes parked out in front of the Rantau Panjang outpost. Service time is from 07:00 am – 08:00 pm (Malaysia time).

Text by Josephine Schmidt
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