5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain While Travelling

When it comes to a vacation or a long weekend, many people travel to relax. Some people, however, may enjoy ‘happy vacation eating’ so much that they bring back not only great memories and souvenirs, but also extra bodyweight. An overnight trip can turn into an overweight trip, unless you bear in mind these five tips for your next voyages!


1# No excuse for fast-food stops

Along the road to your destination, there will be many diners that try to entice you to stop and snack. Fill your stomach before you start your journey, to stop any hunger pangs while on the road. Also, as you may already know, a hungry stomach tends to lead to indiscriminate eating, in turn leading to unwanted calories and bodyweight.


2# Pack a snack-box of fruit and vegetable

Snacks are indispensable for a road trip, but pack the right ones! Some people enjoy chewing jellies and gum, while others prefer munching on crisps and biscuits. These, however, are all rich in carbohydrates and trans-fats that come with a huge number of calories. Instead, prepare a box of fruit and vegetable with apples and baby carrots, or juices, instead. Ask your family and friends to give your nutritious snacks a try, and they’ll love them too.


3# All-you-can-eat does not mean you-can-eat-all!

Most hotel breakfasts are served buffet-style, and most people will devour as much as possible. Why ignore your stomach saying when it is full by trying to cram in more? – the perception about needing to eat copious quantities of food at buffets is unhealthy. Don’t overstrain your body by eating more when your stomach says it’s already satisfied, and this will also prevent you from gaining unnecessary weight.


4# Save calories and your money by avoiding the mini-bar

The mini-bar is a hotel amenity for those who want a drink or snack within easy reach. But, if you’re not in rush, leaving your guestroom to find something elsewhere might be a better choice, both for your health and your wealth. Another choice is to bring your own, healthier snacks and drinks such as soy milk, sliced fruit and mixed nuts. You can keep them fresh and cool in the refrigerator provided in your guestroom.


5# Beware of local street food and alcoholic drinks

Local street food is designed to provide plenty of energy, and some visitors will enjoy dish after dish with gusto, forgetting that they are exceeding their usual calorie intake. This may be a little annoying, but, if you try to work out the calories before buying any street bites, that should help you to control your daily calorie intake. Also, do not drink too much beer – which is brewed from wheat, a big source of carbohydrates.

These 5 tips may sound fussy, but follow them if you want to return from your trips without regrets about weight increase. Just take these few precautions, and you’ll have less on your waistline and hips, and less to worry about.

Presented by Rangsimun Kitchaijaroen
Special thanks to Herbalife