1. Do a thing that you are afraid of

Facing your fear is something very challenging and not everyone is ready to do it. Fear is one of our survival instincts. Mostly our fear comes from our past experiences or sometimes it is just there within us. The more we grow, the more we discover our fears. What do we do after discovering it? We ignore facing things that leads us to our ‘FEAR’. Wouldn’t life be better if we just took the courage to challenge it, face it and then overcome it? Do it this New Year because New Year is all about being the new you!

2.Plan an uncertain trip

Plan a trip even if it seems impossible to take one. Just like watching your favorite movie, planning a trip actually raises your endorphin (the feel-good chemical). It does not matter whether you make it to the trip or not. What matters is the feeling you get while planning it. Life is uncertain and no one knows what’s tomorrow, so this New Year why not do things that would give you happiness?

3.Spend more time with your loved ones

Spend more time with your family and friends so you don’t regret on your deathbed! Some people are lucky enough to have both family and friends in their lives; some just have nothing at all. For those fortunate souls who have loved ones in their lives, do not forget to count your blessings. Be with your loved ones, give them time and importance. Live and laugh together. For those who do not have a family, I am sure you have that someone who you are so close with that they count as your family! So now that you mean the world to each other, make every day count.

4.Do something good for someone else

Isn’t it always a great feeling seeing someone happy and knowing that you are the reason behind it? This New Year, do something good for someone else. It could be anything like donation in an orphanage or old age homes. Or it could be some charity for animals as well. It could also be small action like being kind to other people, helping someone cross the road. Or it could simply be smiling at someone you meet and brighten up their day!

5.Be a part of a voluntary group

Involve yourself in volunteer group. Be a part of helping the society and the people. By volunteering you get to have new experiences in life. You also get to meet other cool people, learn new things and ideas. Volunteering does not only benefits the one receiving it, but it also helps you grow, learn and become a better person!


Other than these points, do not forget to keep celebrating each day with a smile on your face!


Text by Sawita Rattivarakorn
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