8×8 Bangkok Streets

In an effort to promote and develop a photographer’s vision and style in photogenic storytelling, Monogram Asia announced  that they will be organizing an event in April that will provide the opportunity to street photography enthusiasts to improve their skills via a 2-day workshop and a Photo Walk through the streets of Bangkok led by 8 of today’s modern masters of the genre.

The event is an inaugural instalment of a series of annual workshops that will run in Asia’s most vibrant cities, starting with Bangkok.

The workshop that begins on 29 April 2017 for 2 days and is organised around 3 major components. First, a photo walk that provides the opportunity for 64 street photography enthusiasts and practitioners to have first-hand experience on the streets of Bangkok with 8 of today’s iconic international street photographers such as Eric Kim, Xyza Cruz Bacani, Brendan O Se, Rammy Narula, Gathot Subroto, Sheldon Serkin, Oliver Lang and Thailand’s own Chatchai Boonyaprapatsara. Each of these Masters will take 8 photo walk participants with them on an intimate 3 hour photo walk.

Secondly, 2 days of lectures, talks and sharing of ideas and insights by Eric Kim, Brendan O Se, Rammy Narula, Sheldon Serkin, Oliver Lang and other big names in the genre such as Bellamy Hunt, Take Kayo and Paul Yan. The lecture sessions are opened to a larger audience of 200 seats, and have special pricing for students as well. 2 panel discussions on the topics of Street Photography and What is the Future of Street Photography is planned featuring insights from renowned visual artists Eric Kim, Xyza Cruz Bacani, Sheldon Serkin and Brendan O Se.

The last component which is opened to photo enthusiasts as well as the general public, is an exhibition of works by the guest artists. An exhibition of photographic devices, products and accessories will also be featured at the event hall for all to visit.

The workshop welcomes interaction and sharing of the love of photography across all photographic devices including Digital SLRs, mirrorless, medium format, rangefinders, film cameras and smartphone cameras, whose popularity in being a street photography camera is on the rise.

Monogram Asia invites all interested participants to register and book their place in the workshop. Tickets can be obtained now via Monogram Asia’s website www.monogramasia.com.  For more information about Monogram Asia, please visit : www.monogramasia.com