2017 Guest Review Award

Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, is honoring its accommodation partners that consistently deliver great guest experiences with a 2017 Guest Review Award. Based on over 140 million reviews, this year 549,937 properties in 218 countries and territories are being given an award. The top countries receiving the most awards are Italy (81,603), France (33,500), the United States (30,502), Spain (29,598), and Germany (25,969).

For the first time, apartments take the lead from hotels as the top-awarded accommodation type, making up 30% of the award-winning properties in 2017. In fact, four out of five of the top-awarded accommodation types are something other than a traditional hotel: Apartments (165,876), Hotels (132,339), Guest houses (63,697), Bed and breakfasts (55,833), and Holiday Homes (29,634).

This continuing consumer interest in unique accommodation experiences is echoed by recent research that Booking.com conducted with 19,000 travelers across 26 countries, where one in three (33%) said that they would prefer to stay in a holiday rental over a hotel in 2018. In addition, one in five (21%) said that they would consider listing their own home on a travel accommodation site over the coming year. With 40% of travelers also wanting to stay in an accommodation type they’ve never experienced before in 2018, consumer demand and interest in a diverse range of accommodation options remains strong.

In Thailand, 7,116 properties received an award, and the overall average guest review score was 8.6. All types of properties were awarded and globally, Thailand ranked at No.16 – up two spots from 2016 when it ranked No.18 with 4,427 properties awarded. In addition, 19 properties achieved a perfect 10 score and ranked at No.37 globally, demonstrating their dedication to offering an unforgettable stay.

“The more than 140 million reviews available on Booking.com are all real experiences shared by real customers. They not only help travelers to discover the stay that’s just right for them, but they also empower accommodation providers with real-time feedback that can truly have a positive impact on their business,” said Peter Verhoeven, Global Director of Partner Services at Booking.com. “With these awards, we congratulate, thank and honor a unique set of real hospitality heroes—our partners—who dedicate themselves to creating incredible guest experiences and cherished travel memories for travelers each and every day.”


Special Thanks: Booking.com