10 Dinner in the Sky tables

10 Michelin star chefs

10 cranes

4,500 guests in total

220 guests per session

61 million video views


To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Dinner in the Sky aims to raise – literally – Belgian gastronomy to the highest level between 1-5 June. Against the backdrop of the Atomium, 4,500 connoisseurs will get to enjoy the creations of 10 Michelin star chefs at a 50-metre height. This is a unique and exclusive event that will astound the world.

Dinner in the Sky started in Brussels in 2006. A surprise and delight to all, this surrealist concept has gained a cast iron reputation among foodies from all around the world over the last decade. Now, in 2016, Dinner in the Sky reaches 56 countries. The Strip in Las Vegas, Sydney bay, the Medina in Marrakesh, and others fantastic places… you really couldn’t make it up.


The duo has come up with a real world premiere – the biggest open air restaurant in the world and a ve-day showcase of Belgian gastronomy. With three services a day, Dinner in the Sky will run like a well-oiled machine. On each service, 10 cranes will hoist 10 Dinner in the Sky platforms high into the air to the sound of melodious music. No fewer than 10 Michelin star chefs have promised to do their very best in the celestial kitchens. The guests will then descend to the ground again after an hour and a half of sheer pleasure. With the Atomium in the background, this promises to be an unforgettable event for all – for all 4,500, to be exact.

“We don’t just want to celebrate our birthday. We want to turn the spotlight on Belgian star cuisine in the most original way possible!”


An economic feat

Some 140 people will work on the “10 years of Dinner of the Sky” event each day. With its 56 international partners, this Belgian concept has created some 600 jobs around the world. The internet hype surrounding a compilation “Dinner in the Sky” video con rms this all the more. The video, which was launched by The LAD Bible, has had 61, 078,465 views.

Presented by Thanisara Ruangdej
For more details: www.dinnerinthesky.com